empowered with reach, EXPERIENCE INDEPENDENCE. 

Our first product, the Levaté wheelchair lift, is a lightweight manual wheelchair accessory that restores reach and independence, empowering people with the freedom to work, play, and love in their daily life. 


The lift is quickly attachable and detachable from the wheelchair, and raises to eye level or any height in between to increase vision and reach in any environment - high shelves at the grocery store, the refrigerator, or cabinets at home, gas stations, public restrooms, car transfers, shopping - the list is never-ending.

Powered by eight electro-mechanical linear actuators, two batteries, and two brains, the duality of the identical lightweight legs provides a comfortable and completely safe lifting experience. 

Luxury and Necessity are united under one goal to maximize quality of life and empower people to live independently.

Product Design for the Individual

DESIGN WITH A PURPOSE [for purpose, on purpose].